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Test Results
Test Results
To guarantee the safety of our product, trials have been conducted and the results published. The animal tests have been conducted at Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. The surface treatment is necessary in order to improve the bone ingrowth.  This image shows the force of the implant versus the porosity. 

The next image shows the process of bone ingroth in our titanium wedge in a Rat Critical Defect Model.  The best result so far is an ingrowth between 20% and 30% without any added calcium phosphate layers and protein enhancers. This result if the best so far worldwide. Excellent results have been achieved with protein/peptides. Further studies are being conducted at the moment in the BMM program Bone-IP.  References: Published as: Selective laser melting-produced porous titanium scaffolds regenerate bone in critical size cortical bone defects 
Van der Stok J, Van der Jagt OP, Amir Yavari S, De Haas MFP, Waarsing JH, Jahr H, Van Lieshout EMM, Patka P, Verhaar JAN, Zadpoor AA, Weinans H.
Published in: Journal Orthopaedic Research. 2012 In press
Currently, 2 Move Implants is taking steps to conduct clinical trials in Belgium in the near future. Any news will be published as soon as available.