Implants for life

The global implant market is a innovative and ever growing market fueled by a growing trend in obesity, together with arthritis related complaints.
Also an ever increasing life expectancy and technological breakthroughs mean that implants have to be of higher quality than ever before.

The limited working life of implants constitutes a growing problem, as implants are increasingly used for younger patients.
As surgeons and patients' demand for longer lasting implants rises, the medical society foresees a growing demand for implants
with a longer working lifespan.

he company 2 Move Implants has developed implants with a structure that closely resembles bone structure.
The advantage is that the bone and implant connect, creating a more natural and stable fixation that could last a lifetime.

2 Move Implants is a joint venture of FtInnovations, LKL Staal and Erasmus Medisch Centrum Rotterdam.